Historical Buffalo Gap

With this development nestled in the same area buffalo once roamed, and Indians, hunters, and early settlers all called home, it was important to us for Bison Bend to fit into the unique look and feel of historic Buffalo Gap. 

Present day FM 89 follows the old Center Line Trail surveyed in 1874 running from Texarkana to El Paso. The Callahan Divide runs east to west through Buffalo Gap and buffalo stopped here for water at Elm Creek on their way to the High Plains. Early on the area was sporadically inhabited by nomadic Indians, then later buffalo hunters and ranchers as the Indians were driven out.


At the peak of its development in 1880, Buffalo Gap had 1,200 people, a drug store, a carriage and blacksmith shop, a big hotel, a jail, several grocery stores, and a saloon. Buffalo Gap, the county seat, was the only town in the area for several years. The coming of the railroad and subsequent development of Abilene as the new county seat in 1883 by landowners and a Texas and Pacific town site locator led to the demise of Buffalo Gap. The population decreased to 600 by 1884 and declined from there, fluctuating between 250 and 500 for the last 100 years. 

Over, 140 years ago Buffalo Gap was considered the “Athens of the West” and a prime area for development; now once again it is positioned as one of the most desirable areas in Taylor County. We are proud as developers to be a part of it and look forward to seeing the “new settlers” make roots. 

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