About Bison Bend


Bison Bend has been meticulously planned to create a remarkable sense of security and community.  The modern farmhouse architecture was designed to complement Buffalo Gap and its countryside.

The entire development is quaint with only in 54 total lots and features all of the amenities of a new neighborhood including city water and sewer, asphalt streets, curbs, gutters, and sidewalks. Beautiful front porches will stretch closer to the sidewalks and garages will be set back in order to eliminate vehicle clutter, encourage interaction among residents, and accentuate the unique style of the homes.


Common areas allow residents additional room to roam and feature amenities such as a walking path, areas for children to play, and shaded seating areas to relax and enjoy the company of a friendly neighbor.

All Bison Bend residents belong to the Bison Bend Settlers Association (HOA) designed to maintain the quality of the community. The minimal fee ensures the area will be as immaculate in the future as it is today.

The combination of these features create the friendly, walk-able type of community we envision with the shared stewardship and sense of belonging not found in many other new developments.

Subdivision Layout



· Jim Ned Schools & Buffalo Gap Elementary

· Recreation Areas

· AEP Electric

· Fiber optic Internet

· City Water and Sewer